Export/Import Events


Export Events:



You can export multiple events from your calendar in the .CSV format, so you can use this information in third party applications for viewing and auditing. You can also use this as a backup mechanism or for use in other projects using the import feature. You can find this option in the menu options in the calendar. Clicking export events options will invoke a dialog asking you to choose a date range for the events csv export, or you can export all the events. The .CSV file will be exported to the SD-card location “/myBook/calendar/projectname-events.csv”.

Import Events:



This feature allows you to import events that are saved in the .CSV format. Usually this is done to import events that have been exported by this application, from a different project maybe. Clicking the import option invokes a file browser for you to select a file. If your event title already exists, you will be prompted if you would want to overwrite the event data.