Add Events


Add Event:Calendar_Add_Event


You can create a new event by clicking the time interval column in the Day View. Event details has input fields for title, description, location, toggle for all day event, start date, end date, start time, end time, recurrence and alert before. However, you must enter the title and the event date and time as a minimum to create an event.

  • Event Color : You can mark the event with a desired color selected from a color grid of 16 colors. The event view in Monthly, Daily or Weekly format will indicate this color for the event, so that events can be easily identified. Touch on the color box (default color is blue) to use the color grid from which you can select a different color.
  • All day event : An all day event is a scheduled event that lasts the whole day. This option enables to quickly set the event hours for an all day event by simply checking this option. When this option is checked “Yes”, the end date will be same as the start date, the start time will default to “12:00 AM or 00:00“ and end time will default to “11:59 PM or 23:59“. These three fields are not editable when the all day event is selected. For an all day event, you can only set the “Start Date“.
  • Start Date/End Date : Event details window displays the start and the end date option for the event. The Start Date can be set by clicking a button labeled ‘D‘ the Start Date. There is another button labeled ‘D‘ that is placed beside the End Date. The ‘D‘ button invokes a date picker that is used to set the start and the end date.
  • Start Time/End Time : You can set the Start Time and the End Time for an event. To set start and end time you must click a button with a clock symbol that is placed beside the respective fields.
  • Recurrence : A recurring event is an event that repeats periodically. You can set recurrence for Daily occurrence, Weekly occurrence, Monthly occurrence by day, Monthly occurrence by date, Yearly occurrence by day and Yearly occurrence by date. The difference between “by day” and “by date” is shown in the following example:
    • Monthly by day : Can be the first Tuesday, of every Month.
    • Monthly by date : Can be the 1st of every month.

    When a recurrence option is selected, a new field called Ends on will appear, which allows you to set a final date for recurrence. If end date is not desired, you can click the ‘Never’ button (Ends on is set to never by default). By default, the recurrence option is none.

  • Alert before : You can set the time in minutes or hours to alert you before the event occurs. You can select from a predefined set of time ranges, viz. 0 min, 1 min, 5 min, 10 min, 15 min, 30 min, 1 hr, 12 hrs and 24 hrs.


  • When an event is saved without a minimum data (i.e..event title) an error message “Event title can not be empty“ pops up.
  • The event title recognizes the special characters like( “=+^$~.#},{!%`~and*+&gt&lt?/\\;\”:|” ) as invalid and an error message will pop up when trying to save. You should avoid using invalid/special characters in the event title.