Search Option:

This option is represented by an icon named “Search“. The Contacts Search window is displayed when the “Search“ icon is selected in the Contacts tool. The Contact search window has the following fields as below:

  • Search in tools : The name of all the tools (i.e…Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, Notes) are listed here. The Search in tools field is not editable by the user. By default only the Contacts will be enabled with a check mark and the remaining tools (Calendar, Tasks, and Notes) are disabled from being searched in this window. This will allow the user to search the data only in the Contacts tool. By invoking the search tool in the Contacts tool allows the user to do a more comprehensive search of the Contacts data as opposed to a title search done in the Main Menu Search.
  • Search key position : This has two options “Beginning” and “Anywhere”. This refers to where the search text is located in the title of the record data. Before performing the search the user will have to select one of these two options. The “Beginning” option is selected to search the records that start with the search text provided by the user. The “Anywhere” option is selected for finding the search term anywhere in the record (not just the beginning of the entry). Using the beginning option will shorten the overall search time, depending on the number of records to be searched.
  • Edit Text field : This will allow the user to type the characters / name of the contacts that need to be searched in the Contacts tool.
  • Search Icon : The search icon needs to be selected (pressed) in order to begin the search operation.
  • Search Results : This will list the search results for the Contacts tool. If the contact/record is not found in the Contact tool, then a message “No matching records” will be displayed in the GUI for any key position (for example – Search result from: Contacts, No matching records). The contacts in the Contact tool are searched by the Contacts first, middle, last name and the contact numbers. If the Contacts are found then the Contact/record will be listed by the Contact name in the Search results field. The Contacts preview window will be displayed when the Contact name is selected in the Contact Search window.