myBook Personal Organizer


myBook is a personal organizer application targeted for the busy user to coordinate events, contacts, tasks and notes with ease. The myBook app conveniently groups these tools in one application to allow you to maximize organization, interoperability and efficiency.


Getting Started

  • To get started open the myBook application by selecting the myBook shortcut Icon.
  • Once open, the application is in a default untitled project with the default blue and black color theme selected. To setup a new project, select the Projects Icon in the Menu Icon toolbar.
  • You will see an “Untitled Project” in the projects list on the left and its properties on the right hand side of the screen. By selecting the menu button on the top right of the screen, you will have an option to “Update project”. Select “Update project”.
  • Replace the Untitled project fields with your Project information. (Hint: Keep names simple, yet descriptive e.g.”Project Title: Spring Semester 2013″)
  • Once project information is completed, select the “Save” button. This will save your project data to the device.
  • Go back to the main menu by pressing the Android “Back” button on the lower left of the screen.
  • Next setup your device and project settings by selecting the “Settings” button in the Menu toolbar.
  • The first Menu Tab in the myBook settings is the Registration.
  • Edit the User Registration information and select the “Save” button.
  • By clicking the “Register” button, these information will be send to the developers for registration. (Requires Internet access)
  • Next select the “Theme” tab in the menu.
  • Click on the radio buttons provided in the left side of the setup window to choose colours , and for font-size choose the radio buttons that are provided on the bottom right column of the setup window.
  • Once Theme and Font are selected, select the “Apply” Button. This will save your selection to the active project.
  • Next select the “Date Format” tab in the menu.
  • Select your preferred Date and Time preferences:
    • 24 hour (Standard Military Time) 0:00-24:00
    • 12 hour (AM and PM designation) 12am-12pm
  • Select what days are your preferred “Weekend Days” (these are shaded in the calendar view to delineate them from the standard Work Days)
  • Select Alarm type for calendar event alarms.
  • Select the “Apply” Button. This will save your selection to the active project.
  • Return to the main menu by pressing the Android “Back” button on the lower left of the screen.
  • You will see that your main screen has been updated with your selected theme and date settings.
  • Your new project is now ready for any events, tasks, notes and contacts that you have for organizing. Please review the rest of the help manual for detailed descriptions of the specific tools and features of the myBook application. Thank you for using myBook.


Project Description Area

The Project Description Area describes the details of the current project. A good description will allow for the user to quickly identify projects, especially when discriminating from similarly named projects.



Selecting in a field prompts the Android virtual keyboard to pop-up. If you need to see more of the screen and do not need to type, you can minimize the keyboard by pressing the bottom left icon, which looks like an arrow pointing down. Pressing gently against a text field for more than 2 seconds initiates the copy/paste android buttons, which enables the user to copy text from one application to another.