Sort Contacts


Sort Contacts:

The sort function allows the user to select how she or he wishes to view the listing of Contacts in the Contact tool. By Default, the contacts in the Contact tool list are sorted alphabetically in an ascending order.

When pressing the “Sort Contacts” option, a new menu is displayed. This menu enables the user to select from the following four options:


  • Last Name : Sorts the contact list alphabetically by last name.
  • First Name : Sorts the contact list alphabetically by first name.
  • Favorites : Uses the Rating Number (from 1 to 5) to sort the contacts by favorites.
  • Group : Sorts the contact list alphabetically by group.

Once the “Sort by” option is selected, the application will invoke a dialogue box with two buttons “Ascending” and “Descending”. Selecting any of the two buttons (“Ascending” / “Descending”) will result in the Contact list being sorted as per the user’s requirements (i.e….. Sorted in either the ascending order or the descending order). The Contact tools sort setting is saved in the applications settings and will remain in that order until changed by the user.