Export/Import Contacts


Export All:


The Export All menu option allows the user to export all the saved Contacts listed to respective VCARD 2.1 files. When “Export All” is selected, the Contact tool will prompt the user with an alert dialogue to either Export the file to the default path (i.e… /mybook/contacts/) or Cancel. This alert dialogue has two buttons “Export” and “Cancel” and it has a message “Export to:/mybook/contacts/”. Selecting the “Export” button will result in a separate vcard file for each contact in the contact list. The Exported contacts will be saved as the “lastname firstname middlename.vcf” at the default path in the mobile file system (i.e…”/mybook/contact/”). When the export is completed successfully, a test message “All contacts exported…” appears. When the “Cancel” button is selected the application will return to the Contact List view without exporting.

Import Contact:


Selecting the option “Import contact” will display the import browser window with a message “Please Select the file” at the top of the browser window. The default folder for Contacts (“i.e.. /mybook/contacts/ “lastname firstname middlename.vcf”) in the system memory will be displayed.

From the Import Browser window the user will have to select the vcf file, which is to be imported. This browser window has two buttons “Select” and “Cancel“. Choosing the “Select” button, after selecting the vcf file, will attempt to import the file. Selecting the “Cancel” button will return the application back to the Contact list view without importing the file. The Browser window has a folder called “Go Up One Level” Folder represented by “…” as shown in the image above, selecting this folder will allow the user to go up a folder level in the file system.

If the file selected for importing already exists in the Contact database then an Alert dialogue with the message “lastname firstaname middlename already exists. Overwrite? ” will be displayed. This alert dialogue has two buttons “Yes” and “No”, Selecting “Yes” will overwrite the Contact in the Contacts database and selecting “No” will cancel the import of the selected Contact file.