Contact Preview


Contact Preview Window:

Selecting a Contact in the Contact List will display the Preview window of that particular contact. The Preview window will have all the Contact details saved by the user in the corresponding fields. The fields in the Contact preview window are not editable by the user. The Contact preview window has two buttons “Next Contact” and “Previous Contact”. When selected, the “Next Contact” or “Previous Contact” buttons display the next or the previous Contact details respectively. The Contact Preview window has a Horizontal touch/scrolling feature, which when scrolled shall display the next or the previous Contact details. The “Next Contact” and the “Previous Contact” buttons as well as the “Horizontal touch/scroll” will perform the same operation in the contact preview window.

The Contact Preview window has the following three menu options:

  • Edit contact
  • Delete contact
  • Export contact


There are two more buttons at the left-bottom side. One for editing the contact details and the other for adding/viewing the linked records. Apart from these, the Home image button when clicked will move back to the main Screen.