Export/Import Tasks


Export All Tasks:


You can export tasks as a .CSV file. The option to export all tasks in the Comma Separated Values format can be found in the menu options of the task list. The file will be exported to the SD card location /mybook/tasklist/ . The filename is set as “Project name -alltasks.csv” by default. So doing multiple export’s will overwrite the file. However you can rename by browsing through the file system to the location /mybook/tasklist/ using a third party file browser application. This can be most useful when using the .CSV for viewing or auditing using third party applications.

Import Task:


This feature can be used as a restore mechanism by importing tasks that have been exported as .CSV files. Clicking Import option from the Task list’s menu options will display a file browser for you to select the file. The file browser will show the SD card location /mybook/tasklist/ by default as you will find your exported files there. Successfully importing a file will add the task to your task list. If a task with the same filename already exists, the application will overwrite the task, but will do so only after confirming the action from you.