One of the main features of the myBook application is the ability to establish links. Any record of event, task, note or contact can be linked to other records of any type and reviewed in a list. This helps the user to easily group related records and manipulate them.

The individual record previewer for each tool has a ‘Links’ button to view and process the linked records.

If the record being revised has already been linked to other records, the font color of the links button turns green.

Click the link button to view, add or delete the links. A list of linked records are displayed along with the buttons to Add, to view the selected record, to remove the link or to close the link screen. When the Links button is pressed, the list of linked records will be invoked. The title of the current event will be displayed on top as the heading and the titles of the linked records are displayed in the list.

To establish a new link, press the ‘Add‘ button. Select the type of record to link from the pop up list. You can link this record to another Event, Task, Contact or Note, which is not already linked to this record.


A list of available records for the selected type will be displayed. Now select the record to link and click the ‘Link‘ button. The selected record will be added to the link list.

To preview a linked record, select the record and click the ‘View‘ button.

To remove a link, select the record and click the ‘Remove‘ button. After confirmation, the link will be broken.