Search Option:

Notes search option is displayed when the “Search“ icon is selected in the Notes tool. Notes Search window has the following fields:

  • Search in tools : This is a comprehensive search that is specific to the Notes. So the “Search in tools” option has only Notes checked by default, and this cannot be changed.
  • Search key position : This refers to where the search term is located in the title of Notes. The ‘beginning‘ option will search for title text in the beginning of the record data, and the ‘anywhere‘ option will search the term anywhere in the record data.
  • Search Field : Touch this icon to begin the search.
  • Search Icon : The search icon needs to be selected (pressed) in order to begin the search operation.
  • Search results :The search results area lists search results for the Notes. It will display a message “No matching record” if no results are found in this particular tool.