This section gives a brief description about the four tools in the myBook Application..



CALENDAR : The myBook Calendar tool is a scheduling tool that allows events to be recorded and retrieved in a standard Gregorian calendar format.

  • Features
    • Multiple Views : Year, Month, Week and Day.
    • Create and Edit Events : Single or Recurring.
    • Set Alarms for events.
    • User Selectable event color.
    • Link an event to other contacts, events, tasks and notes.
    • Exporting and Importing Events (Vcalendar *VCS and Comma Separated Value *CSV formats).

CONTACTS : The myBook Contacts tool is an application to store the contact information and details for everyday acquaintances, whether they be friends, family or business contacts.

  • Features
    • Adding/Editing Contacts.
    • Associate Picture to contacts.
    • Store Phone Numbers, E-mails, Websites, Addresses and more!
    • Sorting Contacts listing by Name or Favourites.
    • Exporting and Importing Vcard *vcf files.
    • System contacts.
    • Link a contact to other contacts, events, tasks and notes.

NOTES : The myBook Notes tool is a simple text editor application to take notes or make lists “on-the-run”. It is handy to use in case you have to take class notes, copy e-mail or tweet snippets, make a grocery list or thousands of other uses. Use the handy Android Voice Typing to quickly make text files to save in your mobile device.

  • Features
    • Create and edit text notes by typing or speaking!
    • List and Sort notes alphabetically, by Date, or by Category (Business or Personal).
    • Export or Import text ‘*.txt’ files.
    • Link a note to other contacts, events, tasks and notes.

TASK LIST : The myBook Task list is an application to make and list upcoming Tasks. The tasks are previewed in a convenient list view, which can be sorted by Title, Priority, Status or Date Due. Quickly create a task by typing or speaking.

  • Features
    • Create and edit tasks by typing or speaking!
    • Add Task Title with Description.
    • Sort Tasks by Title, Priority, Status or Due Date.
    • Export or Import tasks with Comma Separated Value ‘*.CSV’ files.
    • Link a task to other contacts, events, tasks and notes.