Project List Area

The myBook project that you have saved will be displayed here. The following properties can be set:

Active Project : This is the project that is currently in use. You can set another project as active by selecting one, and setting it as an active project using the menu options. Only one project can be active at a time. An active project cannot be deleted until it is closed (there is a menu option to close the project). The active project can be recognized by an asterisk symbol that is prefixed in front of its name.

Open Project : An open project means the project is in use and can be set as active as per your choice. Open projects cannot be deleted.

Closed Project : A closed project is likely to be no longer updated. Closed projects can be recognized by its disabled style (in the project list). A project must be closed to be deleted. It is generally advised to delete closed projects.

Menu Options

New Project : Displays input fields to create a new project.

Set Active Project : To set a project as active, you must select a project from the project list and click on this option. A closed project cannot be set as active.

Edit Project : Click this option to edit the project details and properties.

Delete Project : Permanently deletes a project. An open project cannot be deleted. Hence, a project must be first closed, to be deleted.

Close/Open : This is the option to be used for closing or re-opening a project. An active project cannot be closed.

Protect/Un-protect : You can password protect individual projects. This will prevent different users from accessing specific projects on your device. The password protect feature is not included in the Lite version (see Lite vs. Full section for help).

Backup/Restore : Backup/Restore is a set of options allowing you to perform backups of your database either to the SD-card or to Dropbox cloud storage. You can perform full backup of the application or backup of a specific project. When you select the Backup/Restore menu option in the Projects screen, you will be prompted to select your choice of backup medium: i.e. local storage or Dropbox. Find out more about the Backup/Restore options here.