Main Search

Main Search

The main menu toolbar has a search option you can use to quickly find the data. This search will do an expedited search of the main titles of entries. If a more detailed search is required (i.e. “search” the text contents of an entry within the myBook’s tools such as phone number, description, etc), it is best to use the search tool directly in that tool’s menu toolbar.

Search in tool : You can do a search that is specific to certain tools in the application (contacts, tasks, calendar or notes). This is done by selecting the check box for the tools listed in the search window.

Search key position : This refers to where the search term is located in the title for record data. The ‘beginning’ option will search for a title text in the beginning of the record data, and the ‘anywhere’ option will search a term anywhere in the record data.

Search Text Input Field : Here, you can enter the text for your search.

Search Icon : Touch this icon to begin the search.

Search results : The search results area lists the search results for each tool separately. It will display a message “No matching record” if no results are found in a particular tool.