myBook is a personal organizer application targeted for the busy mobile user to co-ordinate events, contacts, tasks and notes with ease. The myBook app conveniently groups these tools in one application, to allow you to maximize organization, interoperability and efficiency.


Features :

  • Projects
    • Multiple projects for grouping related data.
    • Optional password protection.
    • Multiple color themes and font settings.
  • Calendar
    • Event Scheduling with alarms.
    • 4 view of events : Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly.
    • Management of recurring events.
    • User definable date and time formats.
    • User settable event colors.
  • Contacts
    • Exhaustive contact details.
    • Attach Photos.
    • Prioritize and sort the list.
    • Selective Syncing with system contacts.
  • Tasks
    • Quick entries and status changes.
    • Prioritize and sort the list.
  • Notes
    • Make/save notes and memos with ease.
    • Sort by title, type or date.
  • Backup/Restore
    • Backup to SD Card or Dropbox.
    • Restore from SD Card or Dropbox.
  • General
    • Today’s events and tasks listed on the main screen.
    • Data export/import to txt, CSV, Vcalendar and Vcard formats.
    • Comprehensive search facility.
    • Link option to link related entries in a group.
    • Supports Android Speech to Text for easy data input and updates.

Screenshots :


myBook is available as a paid version (Standard Edition) as well as a free version (Lite Edition)*. Both are available through the Google Play and Amazon .

If you are an existing user and need support, please use our support form and we will get back to you promptly.

* – Some features may be limited or may not be available in the lite version of the myBook application.